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Alexander White is a functionality focused front-end developer with a passion for success. He pushes to create easily navigated and visually captivating web sites with methodically crafted code and a focus on design flow.

After spending 10+ years working in and eventually owning an insurance agency, Alex decided it was time to change focus and start a new career path in coding; which has rapidly become a passion of his.

Starting in 2018, he enrolled in multiple online courses and began honing his skills for commercial use. While in classes Alex also sought out and found an internship with Senior Web Designer/Developer @victoriacarwile where he has greatly increased his knowledge of commercial development and began locating his first freelance clientele.

His current skill sets include: HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Sass, Bootstrap, and WordPress. With those skills, he also is currently taking classes that consist of jQuery, Java, and React.

When not attached to the keyboard for work, playing PC games or in class, Alex is generally found in San Marcos, Texas with his wife and zoo of a household that includes dogs, a cat, fish, lizards, and a snake. They enjoy hiking/outdoor activities, reading new fantasy novels, building projects, and running their Renaissance festival booths.

What I Have To Offer

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In a world that is connected by just a few key strokes, it’s essential to stay competitive. My goal is to help build you a website that pushes you to the forefront ahead of your competition.


It’s important for your brand to stand out. Allow me to form your vision and build it into an eye catching reality through aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate pages.


Today everyone is going in a million directions at once. I make sure to build your site mobile up so that no matter where your customer is or what they are doing your only a button away from fulfilling their needs.


I strive to maintain a close relationship will all of my clients so that we can constantly change what you need, to keep up with your ever evolving vision for your brand. I want to become your go-to for all your online needs from here moving forward.

Latest Projects

Project Features:

  • Built mobile up for portability
  • WooCommerce w/ interchangable cart options
  • Variable and single item order forms
  • Adjustable photo gallery
  • Variable side menu bar

Project Features:

  • Elegent Design
  • Built for fast responce time
  • Mobile up theme structure
  • Variable contact form
  • Quickly expandable for more content

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