Who We Are

How the Wardens came to be

Truth be told, Warden of the Web started as a hobby-based business back in 2017 when Alex — the owner — ran headlong into a problem. He needed a website for the seasonal business he manages. However, he was unable to find a layout on any of the Build-It-Yourself sites that would work for his company’s brand. When researching having a custom site built, the quotes he received were more than he was willing to spend. Being “That Guy,” he decided to take that budget and signed up for online courses. Thus, the sleepless nights began.

While in classes Alex also sought-out and found an internship with Victoria Carwile Web Development. During this internship, he was educated in website development and in UI/UX design. This fast-paced education, combined with prior experience in business ownership and sales, made for a very successful combination. In 2018 Warden of the Web was formed and our first private client site was launched.

Fast forward to 2020: With the help of content specialist Emily (Alex’s All-Knowing wife), support from Victoria Carwile Web Development, and a partnership with the fantastic IMS hosting tech team, Warden of the Web is a full-time website design/development studio. Our goal is to create an amazing one-of-a-kind web presence for each of our customers. Alex continually takes additional online courses and gains certifications to keep our office up to date with leading trends. This, in turn, keeps our clients just that much ahead of their competitors.

So How Does The Process Work?

Step 1: Grabbing Drinks

Probably the most important step of how we work is the initial meeting. We will sit down with you physically, if you’re within a reasonable distance of San Marcos, Texas, or via your preferred online meeting system. This way we can get a clear understanding of what it is you are looking for, anything you want to avoid, information about what you currently have in place (if any), and an overview of what your industry is and how it works.

Step 2: Drawing It Out

After we have all the information, and both parties have determined that the other is a good fit, we begin researching and creating a first draft design. We will look into what is currently trending in your industry and combine that with your wants for the site. This will give us a solid idea for the draft and a solid base to move forward with.

Step 3: Building Design

With that solid base, we will begin to develop a site design using all the elements we have discussed. We will take that initial first draft and start to build it out. As we get priority sections done, we will send screenshots or video clips keeping you up to date on the progress and make sure that no major adjustments are wanted from one section to the next. This helps us make sure the flow and design of the site stays uniform and perfect to the goal.

Step 4: Ready, Set, Launch!

Our final step is the launch phase. Before we push your site live, I will invite you to view your site on a private server where you will get a chance to walk through it as your clients might. It will also allow for testing all the buttons, animations, and functions we build. We will then do test purchases on your site if it involves e-comm and test any shipping additives. Once all the testing is done, and you have done your virtual walkthrough, all we will need is a thumbs up to have your site up and public within 24hrs!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

A lot of factors go into this question such as site size, function, if it has e-comm capability, and so on. But a good ballpark figure for us is that basic sites start at $500 while basic e-comm sites start at $1,000. From there, if you need extra features or you’re already prepared with some of what we normally need to do, the price can shift up or down.
Depending on the size and design of your site, this process can take, on average, between 3 and 6 weeks. Ways to help speed this up are to have a good clear idea of the project, have a design file, and good communication.
Absolutely, every site we build is designed with you in mind. We do our best to make it as easy as possible for the client to be able to add and edit content whenever they need. We understand that you’re not a developer and if you could create complex code you wouldn’t need us. With that in mind, we make sure anything that might change will require little to no coding experience.
Yes, in today’s fast paced reality its almost essential to have some form of online presence and a website is the best way do to that. Those without, or only using social media platforms like FB or LinkedIn, risk getting missed by a large number of the population. Now that doesn’t mean all you have to do is have a website and your world will rain gold. But with the right website, you will create a solid foundation to build on, move forward, and leap ahead of competitors.

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