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Trick Chassis

This was a complete site redesign and rebuild. The client’s prior site was a few years old and had problems with loading, product management, and cart purchase errors. We took the basic layout from his prior site and greatly improved the flow and user experiance. This streamlined ease of use and purchasing of products for his clients. We completely rebuilt the infrastructure in a new system to give him easier back-end control for aspects of shop management and tracking site profitability. We also integrated multiple 3rd party source functions such as affirm pay, social media platforms, and SEO management.

DeAnna’s Artistry

This was a super enjoyable build for me; we are big fans of supporting local talent. Nothing was overly fancy about this build. We kept it super focused on the art and artist. Start to finish, this project was completed in just over a week and that includes both the site design and development. Key focus points to this build were visual flow to accentuate the photos, making customer purchases easy, and ease of adding product or content for the artist who has very little computer skills.


This blogger site was designed with clothing and home decor in mind. It is heavily focused on external link usage to drive traffic for both entertainment and profit. Some of the defining features of this site are the integration with her 3rd party sales links and the creation of a very fluid home page to showcase a little of everything, which was her main goal.

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